Cubicles & Workstations

Selecting modular furniture isn't like buying a desk. It requires a service provider that has a skilled staff capable of laying out the office, documenting and taking responsibility for applicable local/state/federal code compliance, coordinating the logistics related to furniture electrical and data locations, and capable of overseeing and managing the installation process.

Our project team is up to the test. Whether you are out on your own looking for 10 low priced workstations, or you have engaged an architect and design firm, and you are looking for 300 of the latest bleeding edge design benching stations, our team is ready to tackle your project.

From entry level cubes to the latest in high-end benching, we have assembled a collection of modular furniture to accommodate any requirement.

Our basic panel systems are selected to provide design flexibility on a budget. With price points starting under $1,000 per workstation for the Clone product, these panel systems provide new furniture options at used furniture prices.

Let our in-house technical designers plan your workstations. All design team members have a degree in Interior Design or a related field - and furniture planning services are included in the purchase of your furniture.
Our collection of segmented panel systems provides you the ability to step up your office environment. Segmented systems offer increased design flexibility. From open, light-scale, collaborative work areas, to private spaces for heads-down work with higher panels, we can design the environment that is right for your organization.

Check out our offering of segmented panels, and discover why the old style "cube" is gone.
High end workstations on the cutting edge of furniture design