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Concensys delivers exceptional quality at an attractive price. Concensys features thin profile panels, multiple options for finishes and fabrics, and thoughtful, functional details. 

With quality details rarely seen in comparable products, including: welded steel frames, threaded metal inserts on worksurfaces, metal panel connectors, top caps and kick plates, and a lifetime warranty, Concensys is built to last. Plus, panels are shipped fully assembled to reduce installation time and costs.

 Standard production lead times average between two and three weeks, and a 5-day Express Solutions quick-ship program is available when you need furniture even faster. And, on both standard and Express, qualified customers can get our delivery promise at no extra cost.    

Pricing varies depending on final components, finishes, and quantity. Call us at (800) SAM-CLAR (726-2527) or click the Add to Quote button, and we will contact you shortly.



Fabrics & Finishes:

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Manufacturer Information:

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 Concensys Components:

  • Panels 
  • Panel Options
  • Sliding Door
  • Electrical
  • Worksurfaces
  • Altitude Adjustable-Height Tables
  • Storage Options
  • Features


Concensys offers a broad selection of panels in multiple heights and widths, so you can develop workstation designs to meet any functional requirement. Monolithic fabric panels are a cost-conscious solution. Stacking panels, available in glass or fabric, help you increase or vary wall height up to 108" high. Technology panels give instant access to desktop power and data, exactly where worker access is needed, and feature horizontal and vertical cable management within the panel interior.

The Concensys panel is one of the strongest available. Robust, all-metal construction ensures a lifetime of use.


1. Solid-cast zinc leveling glide 2. Four-sided, 16-gauge, welded tubular steel frame 3. Roll-formed inner frame
4. Septum core 5. Sound-absorbing fiberglass (both sides) 6. Metal top cap 7. Zinc die-cast panel-to-panel connector
8. Fabric


Panel Options

Tackable acoustical Non-tackable Glazed Half-glazed Pass-thru

Technology Stacking Door 

Storage Options

Storage options for Concensys include overhead cabinets with a variety of door styles and lateral files, pedestals, personal towers, and personal files from the Persona and Essentials Collections that are functionally and stylistically compatible. Concensys is designed to work compatibly with Persona and Essentials Collections freestanding and mobile storage products. You can choose desk-mounted hutch storage or wall- or panel-mounted overhead cabinet storage. Either way, you'll have plenty of safekeeping while preserving desktop space.

Overhead Door Styles

1. Radius (painted or fabric-covered)
2. Radius mesh
3. Flat (painted, veneer, or fabric-covered)
4. Receding



Concensys allows you to design the workspace that fits your needs and workstyle with the many available worksurface shapes.

To extend your worksurface area, integrate Get Set or Marbles mobile tables, or let workers vary positions throughout the workday with Altitude adjustable-height tables.

Worksurface Shapes

1. Primary
2. Bow-front
3. Corner with straight edge
4. Corner with radial edge
5. Corner cove
6. Quarter-round
7. Peninsula
8. P-shaped peninsula
9. Jetty
10. Boomerang
11. Reef
12. Wave
13. D-shaped
14. Dual-surface rectangular
15. Dual-surface corner
16. 120° corner
17. 60° pie
18. 135° trapezoid  

Altitude Adjustable-Height Tables


Dual-surface rectangular


Dual-surface corner



  • 42" wide universal design works with panels 69" and 82" high and 30", 36", 42", and 48" wide
  • Frosted translucent material allows light transmission, yet provides privacy
  • Solid-steel door frame construction
  • Clean, threshold-free design eliminates tripping
  • Color-coordinated handle accommodates left- and right-handed applications 


Concensys offers power, voice, and data at the desktop and base pathway for the fastest, most efficient worker access. Cabling lays in at the base pathway and top channel, and also routes through the beltline for maximum capacity.

Technology panels distribute power and data to the worksurface. Run cables from the top of the panel to the base pathway, or across multiple panels at the beltline. After installation, panel surfaces remove for access to power and data.

Flexconnect electrical is easily installed at the base pathway and desktop in Concensys. It offers many choices in circuit design and transmits clean, reliable, uninterrupted power. It features four-circuit (3+1), four-circuit (2+2), and three-circuit (separate neutrals) options.

AMP NETCONNECT helps you create a zone distribution plan for wiring workstations. Cabling runs from the telecommunications closet to a series of consolidation boxes. Each consolidation box is a zone, which extends wiring to workstations within that zone. This solution makes reconfiguration much faster and easier. AMP NETCONNECT works with CAT5, CAT6, or fiber optics. The consolidation boxes mount directly on the panel. 

Sliding Door

Managers will enjoy the privacy and the ability to concentrate that Allsteel's new sliding door offers when integrated with their Concensys workstation. The clean-lined design features a frosted translucent material that transmits light while adding an architectural presence to the workspace. The facilities team will appreciate the door's durable, solid-metal construction and easy installation.